Bethel Christian Academy

in *Private Schools

Bethel Christian Academy promotes the emotional, spiritual and social development of children in kindergarten through grade 12. It is an educational ministry of the Bethel Assembly of God and is located in Newark, N.J.

580 Mt. Prospect Ave , Newark , 07104

Visentin Plumbing and Heating

in *Plumbers

Heating & Plumbing company ensures quality and professional work.

107 Sylvan Ave , Newark , 07104

AIRMET MetalWorks

Crafts fine gates, fences, railings, and balconies.

671 North 3rd Street , Newark , 07078

Bully Zone Pet Supplies & Grooming

in *Pet Services

Bully Zone offers bath and brush, full grooming, and a wide range of other services for dogs, plus grooming services for cats.

1409 McCarter Hw , Newark , 07104

Colosseum Gym

in *Gym

We want you to feel good about being you. No matter your goals, we’re behind you every step of the way. You’re not alone. We’re a team. Let’s work together. Let’s set goals together. Let’s learn and grow together. Ready? Let’s go get ‘em together.

525 Irvington Ave , Newark

Ben's BBQ & Catering

in Best Barbeque, Barbeque

Ben's BBQ makes delicious Southern BBQ, Seafood, and Cajun Cuisine using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. BBQ flavors have been perfected using time-tested techniques combining indirect heat, natural wood smoke, sugar and spices.

340 Parker St , Newark , 07104


in Colleges

323 King Blvd , Newark , 07102

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in Colleges

University Heights , Newark

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Rutgers State University

in Colleges

123 Washington St. , Newark , 07102

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NJIT—Center for Pre-College Programs

in Pre-College Programs, Pre-College Programs

New Jersey Institute of Technology University , Newark , University Heights Newark, New Jersey , 07102

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