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Individuality, creativity and communication are the keys to their educational endeavor. Children are encouraged to grow at their own pace in a stress-free, stimulating environment. Classrooms are designed with a variety of learning centers, each with a hierarchy of materials. These areas include fine motor and sensorial, language, math, and imaginative play as well as a quiet corner and an art area.

As a play-based, inclusive, individualized program Temple Sharey Tefilo-Israel offers a wide variety of materials and activities to ignite and excite a child’s love for learning. The curriculum is based on the needs of each child and built from the interests of the group. Social skills are honed, and each child is given the tools to cope with disappointment or mistakes. They provide support to those who need more time to transition to the next activity and offer more advanced options for those who are ready. With two indoor playgrounds as well as three outdoor classrooms, children have time each day to explore, experiment and enjoy the freedom to dream, wonder and create their own concepts.

This is a place where your child is recognized and cared for both as an individual as well as part of our family.  They have celebrated 30+ successful years of innovative, enriching growth fueled by an experienced team of staff members as well as parental input. 

Each child's developmental needs are focused on. Furthermore, a positive, secure, and accepting environment is promoted in order to enable each child to grow with a sense of joy and wonderment. 

The Iris Family Center offers programs for children from birth - 24 months (with a caregiver) and drop off preschool for children ages 2-5 years, and welcomes more than children into our play-based program. Programs and support are offered for entire families, especially helpful to those whose parents, grandparents and siblings live far away. Located in a diverse neighborhood filled with people from around the country, Temple Sharey Tefilo-Israel understands how important it is for the entire family to make connections and lifelong friends.

They strive to promote in our children a positive self-image and self-confidence. Children learn to be responsible for their actions and for themselves as well as learning the social skills that foster care and consideration for their peers.

They harbor a great reputation in the community as a school where individuals with all learning styles and physical challenges are welcome. 

You can find The Iris Family Center at Temple Sharey Tefilo-Israel (TSTI), a dynamic and inclusive Reform congregation that offers numerous ways for members to connect with and celebrate being part of the Jewish community and the world. Welcoming Jewish individuals by birth or by choice, interfaith, traditional and non-traditional families, and children of all abilities, TSTI provides lifelong learning and enriching programs for all members through a full complement of religious services, early childhood and religious school education, cultural programs, and activities that foster connection, engagement and community outreach in a joyful and judgment-free environment. 

TSTI is located at 432 Scotland Road in South Orange, drawing members from Maplewood, South Orange, West Orange, Short Hills, Millburn, Livingston and surrounding areas. For more information, please visit www.tsti.org.


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Jennifer Dozier
Wonderful Pre-School

TSTI is a wonderful and nurturing pre-school. We are extremely grateful for the quality of care that has been provided over the years. We look forward to enrolling our youngest next fall. This is a wonderful place and deserves this recognition!

September 2018

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Felix Aarts
South Orange, NJ
We love TSTI

TSTI Pre-School is an amazing program that gives your kids the possibility to explore the world without the pressure of having to "learn" . It is a very nurturing environment with an emphasis on nature and learning through play. The class sizes are small (10/12 kids with 2 teachers) and the class rooms have mostly wooden furniture and light calm colors. TSTS is an expression of our divers community. We call TSTI home for our daughter and our family. 5 stars

August 2018

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TSTI Prschool Praise!

A wonderful, warm enriching start to education!

August 2018

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Temple Sharey Tefilo-Israel

432 Scotland Road
South Orange, New Jersey 07079

Phone: 9737634116

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3 Reviews

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