Balanced Body Acupuncture

Balanced Body Acupuncture
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August 11, 2022
Ken Giuliano
I’ve been going to Dr. Margaret for over seven years, she is the best.
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August 10, 2022
I been using her services for over ten years and she has help me with my back pain issues she is the very best out there
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August 6, 2022
I have been going to Dr Amireh for over 8 years and she has been a Godsend! She has helped me with many different health issues and she knows exactly where I need the acupuncture to help me leave her office feeling like a new person! I highly recommend her!
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August 24, 2021
The best!!
Over 10 years of acupuncture and hands-down Margaret is the best at what she does. She is personable and an expert in her field!
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August 20, 2021
Dr. Margaret is the best!
I went to Dr. Amireh with multiple issues, never having had acupuncture before. She made me feel comfortable, listened to, and the acupuncture has helped with everything. I've seen improvement with my carpal-tunnel, tendonitis, diverticulosis, muscle pain, and anxiety. Thank you Dr. Margaret!
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Monika Smutek
October 17, 2018
Better way.
With Margarets help I had a great luck and a fast track to a helhier life without invasive procedures. I can’t thank her enough.
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September 18, 2018
Best acupuncture
She is wonderful I would highly recommend Margaret she is very caring my acupuncture is going very well i had this heavy feeling on my back as if i had the world on it after the acupuncture what a relief after many doctotrs i only found relief in acupuncture thanks Margaret
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Stephanie Guerrero
July 27, 2018
The Best!!!
I have been seeing Margaret for about almost 2 years for chronic back pain and anxiety. Thanks to her magic touch, I am able to do daily activities much easier and efficiently! I absolutely love acupuncture and would recommend it to people who suffer with anxiety, chronic pain or for anyone who suffers from everyday stress. Margaret is by far the best acupuncturist I have seen and her funny gentle personality makes the visit even more enjoyable.
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August 22, 2017
Sinus Help
While living in NJ I had the worst sinus headaches. They were incapacitating and were ruining my life. I Itried everything. Nothing helped. As a last resort I called Balanced Body Acupuncture. From Day 1 I got results. My sinuses are clear. For those who are fearful to try acupuncture, don't be.
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Michael Foris
August 19, 2017
Learn To Swim
Margaret Amireh has a talent to show you that your body can recover and live. Starting with the basics you and her skill set will come back together and maintain that way for a long time . After a 36 foot fall the pain was hard to deal with no medication worked and all joints were swelled and problematic 3 visits start the greatest change and still is a year later Michael Foris
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