Our Lady of the Lake

Our Lady of the Lake is a two-time National Blue Ribbon School of Academic Excellence where children Pre-K though Grade 8 go for leading academics and lasting connections.

Our Lady of the Lake School provides a supportive educational team of students, staff, parents, and community that aims at providing a creative, Christian learning environment. An emphasis is placed on developing students’ individual abilities, promoting social awareness, and encouraging them to become responsible, contributing members of church and society.

Teachers, working together, provide a student-centered environment from which flow mutual respect and a sense of personal responsibility and fulfillment.  The parents are regarded as partners in the learning process and share a working relationship with the administration and faculty.

The school strives to achieve a balance of scholastic, social, personal, artistic and physical programs and activities.  The spirit of inquiry, intellectual achievement, the desire to learn and create and the never-ending search for wisdom are the credible goals, which Our Lady of the Lake endeavors to secure.


September 12, 2023
OLL Outstanding School
Both my daughters graduated OLL . OLL provided a safe wonderful environment to learn and grow. The morals , manners and education help formed them into wonderful successful young ladies. They have a strong moral compass. The middle school was wonderful as they didn’t grow up too fast and weren’t exposed to some of the bad stuff that is present in the environment these days.
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September 11, 2023
Only if you want the BEST for your child . . .
If you're looking for an environment where your child will thrive, look no further. Our Lady of the Lake School is, by far, the best choice in Essex County for your son or daughter to reach his/her full potential. The faculty and staff, as well as the community of families assembled there, are the most dedicated and caring you'll find; and with its rigorous academics, latest technology, and plethora of activities (sports and otherwise) for your child to benefit from, he/she will be set up for success and well prepared for high school! What's better than that? Take a look, you won't regret it.
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September 8, 2023
Grammar school full of joy
Our Lady of the Lake School is a joy for it’s students. The education is top rate, the children’s faith formation is ever present, allowing them to become well adjusted and compassionate beings. I’ve volunteered in the school’s HSA for 9 years and experienced first hand the careful thought and planning for the upcoming years. It is the Best Private school in the area for children pre-school to grade eight.
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Our Lady of the Lake

32 Lakeside Avenue, Verona, New Jersey 07044, United States


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