NYC Surgical Associates

A premier modern surgical practice, specializing in all aspects of minimally invasive, no scar surgical care.

Experience, talent and impeccable training are the hallmarks of NYC Surgical Associates' surgeon's - with education and training from some of the world's most renowned institutions, including Mount Sinai School of Medicine affiliates (Morristown Memorial Hospital), Harvard University, and The Cleveland Clinic. NYC Surgical Associates covers a range of specialties, from vascular surgery to orthopedics surgery. Because every patient is unique, they offer all treatments available, instead of using the same technology for every patient. The surgeons assess each patient individually and offer every patient the best treatment for their particular issue. All patients at the time of initial consultation leave with a treatment plan that addresses all of their concerns, both medical and cosmetic, with a timeline for treatment and a cost estimate if some issues are not covered by health insurance so there are no financial surprises along the course of treatment.

NYC Surgical Associates

555 Passaic Ave, Suite 10, West Caldwell, New Jersey 07006, United States
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