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Offering care that is specifically personalized to match each customers' needs in order to improve their overall health and wellness.

When evaluating physical therapists, John De Hoyos, D.P.T. (Doctor of Physical Therapy), LightPort® Physical Therapy & Spa gains high marks on all five levels 1) credentials; 2) experience; 3) education and post education; 4) personable; and, 5) effectiveness. Dr. John prides himself on the personalized services he and his team provide to patients seeking support to their path of recovery. The team at LightPort® Physical Therapy & Spa professionally supervise a comprehensive wellness program; be it for performance training, sports injuries, orthopedic problems or post-surgical therapy providing full service complimentary service as well to include:

•Physical Therapy Services

•Sports Massage 

•Therapeutic Massage

•Therapeutic Rehabilitation Exercises

•Exercise Program

•Medical Massage

Not all physical therapy centers are alike.  As each member of the team at LightPort® Physical Therapy & Spa is current and up to date with the knowledge required to diagnose and treat every patient, they are also effective, positive, caring, supportive and compassionate.  These qualities are embedded in the core of every employee as part of the values of the organization. If a patient suffers from neck pain, back pain, muscle strains (i.e. slip and fall injuries), ankle sprains, back pain (i.e. sciatica), elbow pain (i.e. tennis / golfers elbow), wrist pain (i.e. carpal tunnel syndrome), shoulder / rotator cuff injuries, knee pain, LightPort® Physical Therapy & Spa will provide the right care plan to support each person's own personal health goals.

The team at LightPort® Physical Therapy & Spa believes in a comprehensive approach to treat all the affected areas of the body to increase health and wellness and achieve highest level of functional movement.  LightPort® Physical Therapy & Spa may prescribe massage, light weight strength training, cardiovascular exercise, modalities in the form of ultrasound or electrical stimulation therapy to enhance healing, blood flow and circulation to muscles of the body.

For over a decade, Dr. John has worked in many clinical settings providing care to patients: hospitals and outpatient care, orthopedic treatment centers: sports and post-surgical procedures and pain management clinics. He has developed his own proactive approach to wellness that highlights the science of physical therapy as part science that enhances the natural healing process of the body. For each patient, he sets functional goals with an individual care plan while staying in contact with care team.  Dr. John employs a hands-on approach that combines the best manual therapy techniques available with traditional therapeutic activities. He develops a guided structure program for a customized exercise program and regiment, tracking the progress from the initial evaluation to each re-examination.

When he opened the Caldwell location, his main objective was to offer individualized, hands-on treatment. Dr. John takes time with each patient.  He considers necessary to get to know and understand the patient, their fitness goals and how they are seeking to benefit from physical therapy. After evaluation, he  creates a personalized program of therapeutic exercise and kinetic movement.  One of the key elements used at LightPort® Physical Therapy & Spa to achieve best outcomes is the use of manual therapy for most patients. In addition to using manual therapy and massage therapy for patients other services are available via their spa services and they include Deep tissue sports massage, medical massage or prenatal/postnatal massage for individuals who call to schedule an appointment with specialized and licensed staff!

A new addition to LightPort PT is The Healing Touch Massage Therapy's Toby Cederbaum. Toby is a NJ Licensed Massage Therapist providing massage therapy and bodywork over for 30 years. Experience relaxation and stress relief from various different types of massages, therapeutic massage, manual lymphatic drainage, prenatal massage, foot reflexology, Reiki energy work, and more.

For more information on treatments options, and services, please call the office at 973-228-0072.  (English / Spanish). Most insurances accepted.


Donna Stanul- O'Neill
November 17, 2021
The care you receive is amazing! They are so committed to each patient. Best team ever!
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October 17, 2021
Best Physical Therapy in Essex County
I don`t know what would I do without LightPort PT. You guys go above and beyond your duties! Thank you for making a difference in my life!
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Jackie White
October 16, 2021
The Lightport team is highly skilled and highly recommended!
I highly recommend the Lightport team for any of your physical therapy needs. You will have access to a highly skilled team of health professionals who are consistently studying and achieving learning goals in order to improve their service to you. You will also be in the company of a caring group of people. When I have pain, I know that I can go to the Lightport team for relief. When I leave I have specific strategies that I can use at home to prolong that treatment. The atmosphere is very peaceful and helps me to focus on my healing. Thank you all for your expertise and your caring.
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LightPort Physical Therapy & Spa

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