Women in Business - Kristina Korre-Mihalis & Efi Mihalis

Women in Business

Kristina Korre-Mihalis - Gikas Restoration and Roofing, Co-Owner

Efi Mihalis - Efi’s Gyro, Owner


As one of the owners of Gikas Restoration and Roofing, along with her husband George, Kristina Korre-Mihalis has to juggle hundreds of details every day. Last year she took on hundreds more when she helped her daughter Efi open Efi’s Gyro, a restaurant serving authentic Greek food, in Montclair. Efi earned her business chops by watching the way her parents ran their business. “I was not surprised she opened the restaurant,” said Kristina. “She always showed an interest in learning to cook and serve food. And she also showed an interest in how our business was run. “

A cook who learned Greek dishes from her mother and grandmother, Efi started planning the restaurant while in high school. She hit on the idea during family vacations in Greece when they made a habit of visiting a favorite gyro restaurant in Athens. “I think my parent’s business knowledge and my mom’s work ethic combined with my passion to cook and serve food led me to want to create something beautiful,” Efi said. Helping a recent high school grad start a business from scratch is a tall order in itself, but there were unexpected challenges ahead. The restaurant opened a few months before Hurricane Ida hit, dumping five feet of water in the restaurant’s basement, destroying everything. The young entrepreneur wondered if the restaurant would ever open again.

When the flood waters cleared, it was time to get back to work. “I told Efi to roll up her sleeves and put on rubber boots and come with me,” said Kristina. “I’ll show you how we are going to manage this problem. We wanted to teach her not to be afraid, to be strong,” said Kristina. “Even if you fail, it’s okay. What’s important is to follow your dreams.”


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Efi’s Gyros

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Women in Business