Women in Business - Dr. Tyra Manso

Dr. Tyra Manso

Montclair Pediatric Dental Care

A beautiful smile can last forever. And the best way to get one is with an early start in dental care. Dr. Tyra Manso, DDS, and her diligent staff at Montclair Pediatric Dental Care (MPDC) help children with healthy beginnings in dental care.

For Dr. Manso, working with children has been rewarding. During Dr. Manso’s final year of dental school, her professors recognized her knack for pediatric dentistry. She first practiced dentistry in New York City, married, and had a son. After the birth of her son, she knew she wanted to build her own pediatric dental office.

In Montclair, she established a new practice, transforming an old dance studio to meet her vision of what a pediatric dental office should be. “Children are so malleable and impressionable. Here was my opportunity to create an environment just for children and their needs,” she says. Although MPDC offers a full array of dental procedures, preventative care is at the heart of the practice. Early prevention is the way to have healthy teeth and eliminate the fear of going to the dentist early on. “Good preventative care, such as brushing teeth and regular dental visits are lifelong habits to develop,” she remarks.

Dr. Manso reflects on being a woman dentist and entrepreneur as MPDC celebrates its sixth anniversary. She advises women to write a reason for their own business. Ask: Whom am I serving? What am I pouring into this business through service? This way, success happens.

What motivates Dr. Manso to maintain a successful practice? “My son is proud of me,” she says.

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