Veronica Wheat - Chef V

Veronica Wheat advocates health through good nutrition. With a chef and a certified nutritional therapist background, she finds innovative ways to help her clients receive the ultimate benefits of good food.

Veronica previously worked as a private chef in San Diego, specializing in organic cuisine. With each meal, she included a specially prepared beverage. Full of green plant nutrients, this drink was an instant hit. Word spread quickly of this magical concoction as clients experienced improvements in their energy, hair, skin, nails, weight loss, and lowered blood sugar. Soon, she decided to focus solely on health-enhancing beverages and soups. Chef V became her signature restaurant.

In San Diego and her second location in West Caldwell, Chef V promotes this organic green drink low in sugar and non-homogenized to preserve its nutrients. The menu includes the original beverage, protein shakes, and vegan soups, and packaged plans for detoxification and weight loss. A national business, most products are shipped directly to clients. Customers in New Jersey, New York, and California may have the products personally delivered.   

“If you have passion and an authentic product, success will come naturally,” she says.

897 Bloomfield Ave., West Caldwell

973-227 0227

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