The Grass is Always Greener...When the Experts Are on Your Side of the Fence

A beautiful lawn adds curb appeal to any home and business. But, keeping it healthy and lush takes a lot of time and knowledge. “All lawns should be getting a fertilization program throughout the season, including a full aeration and seeding that will promote better drainage so fertilizer will be better able to get into the roots,” says Kevin Macken of K. Macken Landscaping, which has been named the Best of Essex five years in a row.

He adds that regular cutting is also critical. “It helps us keep an eye on our customers’ properties to make sure they're healthy, that there are no grubs, chinch bugs or fungus taking over the lawn and causing it to die off.” 

“Sometimes, it can be hard to figure out the right height to cut the grass or the correct products to use, which is why it’s important to have professionals take care of your lawn,” states Macken.

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