Stimulate Your Body’s Natural Defenses

Cold and flu season is here, but there’s a way to help our bodies to fight off germs—acupuncture. “Acupuncture stimulates the body’s natural defense system and allows our immune system to perform better,” says Morgan Reade, of NJ Advanced Acupuncture in Caldwell and Madison. 

Acupuncture reduces stress and improves sleep, and both of these factors help prevent colds and flu. “Sleep is really the key to everything, along with diet and fresh air and sunlight. It’s not even a matter of getting seven hours, it’s how deep a sleep you are getting. Are you tossing and turning for hours? Then that’s not good sleep.”`

There are acupuncture points all over the body. Some improve sleep, while others reduce stress. These points are connected to nerve pathways that stimulate the brain to secrete its natural hormones. “Once people try acupuncture, they tend to come back for the relaxation more than anything,” he says. 

Most of his clients come in once or twice a week for about four to six treatments, and then, depending on the person, they receive tune ups every two weeks to once a month. Sessions are a minimum of 30 minutes and upwards of an hour depending on the person’s condition.

To complement his acupuncture practice, Morgan also offers the supplements, vitamins and Chinese herbs needed to maintain the immune system. They are part of his program for staying healthy.


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