State-of-the-Art Science Plus Love

The two sister animal hospitals in Verona and Montclair share a common philosophy: Carefully explain to owners what’s best for their beloved pets.


Dr. Anthony Scriffignano (“Dr. Scriff”) and staff believe in helping pet owners make informed decisions. “I show them the X-rays, the ultrasounds—even draw pictures if that will help,” he said.


Dr. Scriff advocates strongly for comprehensive yearly exams. “Pet shops and pet product stores now schedule vaccination clinics, but many pets are coming to us with advanced problems that vaccinations don’t address,” he said, comparing the exam to a human yearly physical, designed to detect problems in advance. Pets are living longer, and with that comes greater risk of illnesses, such as kidney failure in cats, and cancer in dogs. Early detection can be the key to treating those conditions.


Both facilities also offer advanced techniques that few other animal hospitals can provide. Video ear scoping can quickly diagnose and treat chronic ear infections. Laparoscopic surgery can be used" "for spaying, resulting in much smaller incisions and faster recovery time. It can also be used for liver and other organ biopsies, said Dr. Scriff. Telemedicine enables the hospitals to access information quickly from other laboratories.


During the pandemic, the hospitals have maintained strict safety protocols, including curbside pick-up and delivery of pets. But as human vaccinations increase, and owners feel comfortable, Dr. Scriff knows they—and their pets—will welcome a return to the loving personal service both Verona and Montclair Animal Hospitals offer.


Verona & Montclair Animal Hospital

17 Grove Ave, Verona | 973-239-1881

124 Watchtung Ave, Upper Montclair | 973-744-1942


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