Signature Dish: House Made Burrata Cheese Puttanesca at Laboratorio Kitchen

House Made Burrata Cheese Puttanesca: Burrata cheese, mango, chicory, balsamic pearls and micro basil with fresh olive oil



At Montclair's Laboratorio Kitchen, one of their beloved Signature Dishes is the House Made Burrata Cheese Puttanesca.

The Signature Dish features fresh burrata, topped off with mango, chicory, balsamic pearls and micro basil with fresh olive oil. As one of Laboratorio Kitchen's salad options, it is the perfect dish to start off your meal.

Laboratorio Kitchen uses locally sourced ingredients, grass fed meats, fresh seafood, and professional service to give guests the best culinary experience. Chef James DeSisto and his team have worked hard to create special dishes, representing regional, progressive meals that balance the natural flavor of food in a healthier, down to earth life style. Their meals are satisfying and succulent, and the restaurant is a place where you can enjoy a memorable and enjoyable meal.

Laboratorio Kitchen
615 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair

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