Sandwiches Galore at the Millburn Deli

We have a friend whose son, when coming home to visit, insists his first stop after the airport is the Millburn Deli. It’s not surprising: they are all about sandwiches. First you need to decide whether you’re in the mood for Chicken Cutlets, Grilled Chicken, Beef, Ham, Turkey, a Sloppy Joe, or something Vegetarian. In each category, there are a host of different combinations, on a variety of different breads such as Rosemary Focaccia, Ciabatta, French Bread, a sub, a wrap, a Kaiser Roll, and of course, white and rye.


Should you be off bread, salad choices abound. The menu is truly vast, and if you’re like us, you’ll struggle to narrow down your choice because so many of their creative ingredient fusions will tempt you. Note that it may be really crowded inside when you get there. Don’t panic, the team works like a well-oiled machine and keeps it moving. One caveat: there are so many terrific options, you may find yourself coming back again and again.


A new location is opening soon in Watchung Plaza.


Millburn Deli

328 Millburn Avenue, Millburn

139 Morris Street, Morristown

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