Rosemarie’s Rescue Ranch Offers Unique Foster to Adopt Model

Rosemarie’s Rescue Ranch Offers Unique Foster to Adopt Model


When Susan Janett, co-founder of Rosemarie’s Rescue Ranch (RRR), which is operated out of Verona, started her endeavor, she never imagined how large it would grow. What started out in 2017 with her partner Rosemarie Cafiero, who rescued over 7,000 dogs in her lifetime before succumbing to cancer, has grown to a dog fostering organization with 50+ volunteers that pulls dogs from kill shelters and places them in foster situations from within the US and beyond.


“Rosemarie’s rescue offers a breakthrough in the adoption process,” says Susan. The dogs are first fostered for two weeks with loving pre-approved families that will have first dibs on adoption. “This gives families a period of time to adjust to a new dog in the household and see if it is a good fit, rather than just meeting a dog for a quick 15-minute meet and greet and then taking it home. It’s like a trial, a chance for the family and the dog to decompress together. No pressure. No long-term commitment, to get a feel for one another at home and see if the chemistry is there.” In addition, each foster family is paired with a personal liaison from the organization, who can be contacted for all questions and concerns.


“We have about a 98% success rate with our program,” says Susan, who explains that most fosters “fail,” which translates to adopting their dog. “It’s the ultimate goal of the program,” she adds. If the family chooses not to move forward, Susan will enlist their help in reviewing approved applications and playing an active role in selecting a good forever family together. And if moving that dog to another foster is requested, she says she will always take a dog back at any time because she will “always do what is right for the dogs she saves.” Susan says she has applications coming in daily and the turnaround can be as short as 24-48 hours to find the dog a new loving foster placement. “Being flexible is part of our success formula,” she says.


Susan personally looks over all prospective foster family applications, with input from her team and committees, and all dogs are first tested for temperament, personality, and how well they get along with other pets, kids, and adults prior to being “pulled.” In addition, all dogs see the vet, get all the necessary shots, and treatments needed. “All of our rescues are family-friendly,” she says. And we send them to their foster homes with all the supplies necessary to make the transition easy including crates, blankets, bowls, toys, and food. She operates a small brick and mortar in Verona, which sells new and gently used items for people to buy. The monies raised help support the organization.


Since 2017, Susan has saved over 800 lives through RRR. She says the number of animals she can save grows each year. In 2021 alone, RRR saved 400 lives and expects to surpass that in 2022. The organization is supported 100% through fundraising and donations, which can be placed on the website rosemariesrescueranch. com and via Venmo @SusanJanett (verification 1900).


Susan says she finds most of her foster families though Facebook posts and that those interested in fostering or learning more can friend/message her there or by email at [email protected].

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