Retractable Awnings Expand Outdoor Living Space

Remember last summer when you gathered with family and friends to spend some socially distanced time together in your backyard? Do you recall wishing you had more shade to protect your guests and yourself from the searing sun? If so, you are in luck because there is still time to add that much-needed shade to your decks and patios with retractable awnings. But, keep in mind that the process takes time. Now is the perfect time to get an appointment with an awning expert on the books.

This year, your backyard will once again be the most popular “room” in your home, and Window Works, in Livingston, has many wonderful custom options for you to choose from including solar screen shades, retractable screens, and all types of awnings including retractable awnings.

Awnings can make it feel up to 20 degrees cooler underneath, which will help make those backyard barbecues and summer afternoon get-togethers even more enjoyable. They also provide added sun protection by blocking out about 99% of harmful UV rays and prevent the fading of indoor rugs, drapes, and furniture, in areas where the sun hits windows.

Today’s motorized awnings can also be programmed to retract and extend at certain times of day, and when it is windy. Another benefit they offer is helping to lower air conditioning costs in the summer.

It is important to find the best location for your awning, Window Works will help you make these decisions and more. Their expert awning specialists will come to your home, wearing masks, to help you select the best awning for your needs based on your preferred seating, coverage area and the function of your outdoor space. They will take measurements, determine where and how to install your awning and show you fabric samples. You can rest assured all details will be taken care of, including expert installation by their seasoned team of installers.

“Window Works is family- owned and operated since 1981 by Vin and LuAnn Nigara and their cousin Bill Campesi. They take great pride in both the many multi-generations of families they have worked with as well as in the longevity of their seasoned team of experts.

“At Window Works, we go above and beyond to offer the best possible service, products and solutions to our customers,” says LuAnn. “Our connection to the community is very important to us and we love welcoming new customers as much as we appreciate the loyalty of our returning customers.

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