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Lightport Physical Therapy and Spa

“Exercise is Medicine” affirms Dr. John De Hoyos, DPT and Founder of LightPort Physical Therapy & Spa. The longer a person lives, he explains, the more age-related factors and risks they face. Dr. John— as his team and patients call him— wants to help each patient and client at his practice prevent and manage emerging and chronic conditions, by creating supervised wellness programs that begin in the clinic and continue at home.

Dr. De Hoyos uses an evidence-based practice model when planning patient care. He and his team uses manual therapy technique that involve mobilizations of joints and muscles to treat musculoskeletal pain and disability. For example, his Physical Therapy team use instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, a technique that works similar to massage, but uses specialized instruments instead of a therapist’s hands. These instruments allow more direct treatment of key soft tissue that facilitate active movement.

Another example, that can complement natural soft tissue healing, is ultrasound. Ultrasound is well-known to produce a therapeutic effect, healing muscles by reducing inflammation and increase soft tissue strength. Other examples of manual therapies include cupping, to alleviate chronic pain, and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation or PNF techniques. PNF is a stretching technique utilized to increase ROM and flexibility.

 Dr. De Hoyos and his team, all of whom are licensed, apply physical therapy interventions to treat most common muscle strains in major joints including shoulders, back, elbows and lower extremities. Some of the most common injuries include rotator cuff injuries, tennis and golfer’s elbow, and meniscal tears.

Among the services available at LightPort Physical Therapy & Spa are sports conditioning, therapeutic and prenatal/ postnatal massage, pre and post-surgery rehabilitation. “All modalities are under the direct supervision of a physical therapist,” says Dr. De Hoyos. Individualized, functional goals, based on mobility and activity, are established for each patient at each new physical therapy evaluation.

Dr. De Hoyos believes that functional mobility is most meaningful to his patients. This means that some patients may want to focus on agility, strength and speed, while others may want to improve their posture, gait safety and balance. Dr. De Hoyos recommends that those patients who undergo surgical procedures including, hip and knee joint replacements, to have pre-operative rehabilitation sessions. Orthopedic surgeons want their patients to build up strength, improve mobility, range of motion and muscle tone before their joint replacement”, explains Dr. De Hoyos. “Pre-op rehab has shown to accelerate the healing process post-surgery”. When treated by Dr. De Hoyos and staff expect to be assigned “homework” which is your self-care program to be done at home. He makes sure patients complement the work at the clinic with home exercise programs. According to him, “research has shown that those patients who follow through with their home exercise programs, show better outcomes at the end of their rehabilitation”. LightPort Physical Therapy & Spa team is proud to encourage patients to complete the entire course of therapy, both at the clinic and at home.

LightPort Physical Therapy & Spa has been recognized as Best of Essex Reader’s Choice Award winner for both physical therapy and massage spa services. Referrals are not required for some healthcare plans. The State of New Jersey allows direct access to physical therapy services. However, some insurance plans do require a referral from a medical doctor for patients to receive skilled therapy care. Medicare, Worker’s compensation cases and Motor Vehicle Accident (PIP/WC) cases plans are accepted.

LightPort Physical Therapy & Spa

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