Montclair "Parklet" Open Through October

Did you know that Montclair has been installing "parklets" this year? These mini, temporary parks have been popping up in Montclair as a way to encourage walking and create spaces for interaction. They make the downtown area more centered around people instead of cars.

Earlier this year, the Glenridge Avenue Parklet––which features a special "love" theme––opened up. The mini, temporary park features a dining table with four green sitting chairs and two benches. The Parklet is adorned with lovely flowers and lighting to encourage sitting and taking in the views of Glenridge Avenue and parts of Bloomfield Avenue.

The Glenridge Avenue Parklet will be open through October this year. People are encourage to visit this space, which is open to the public. Gather with friends to enjoy the last few weeks of summertime weather, eat a meal, and take in the sights and sounds of the Montclair downtown.

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05 Sep 2019