Millburn Resident Creates Video Legacies for People with Life Limiting Illnesses

Kerry Glass of Millburn runs a non-profit called Memories Live that creates legacy movies for individuals who have life-limiting illnesses. Kerry’s goal is to use the power of film to eternalize loved one’s images, stories, and wisdom. She has been doing so, at no cost to her clients, since 2010. She funds her services through grants, fundraisers, and donations.


The movies she creates run about 45 minutes long. If a client lives in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area, filming takes place in the client’s home. She also films a good portion of the videos virtually, which allows her to work with people from all over the country. She edits the footage and creates chapters for each topic discussed. In addition, if photos are provided, Kerry can make a slide show at the conclusion of the live footage. The finished product is then mailed out on a USB drive. Kerry says that people tell stories about their lives, share advice, talk about future milestones, favorite TV shows, foods they like to eat, and so much more. Some read poetry or stories, play music, or do tasks like making virtual coffee together. She gives clients a standard list of questions and conversation starters. These questions help guide them and provide ideas for additional topics they may want to include in the conversation.


“I encourage people to be creative,” she says. “These videos are a great way for children to get a glimpse of their parent after they are gone, or for a loved one to spend some time with a loved one they have lost,” she says. “Creating a movie is a unique experience that is an empowering and cathartic opportunity for both you and family to preserve a lifetime of memories.”

Kerry adds, “I love meeting new people and hearing their stories and experiences. For them to come to me with their stories at such a delicate part of their lives is humbling. I am so appreciative to have the opportunity to do what I do.”


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