Melissa Cipriano, ESQ. - Founder of Cipriano Law Offices, P.C

Melissa Cipriano, ESQ.

Founder of Cipriano Law Offices, P.C

Family Law Attorney, Melissa Cipriano, founder of Cipriano Law Offices, P.C. in West Caldwell is passionate about mediation. She feels that right now, with several counties experiencing Judicial storages, not scheduling trials, Family Court matters are paused making mediation more important than ever.

Cipriano Law Offices has 3 qualified mediators, who are on the court approved list and can help families work through all aspects of custody, parenting time, child support and deal with equitable distribution of marital assets. The firm recognizes the strain that delays place on families. “Right now, it is hard for those going through a divorce to get relief,” says Melissa. “Mediation allows your case to continue moving forward in the face of court delays.”

Mediation allows parties to resolve their issues amicably. According to Melissa, “Stats show that resolving issues by compromising leads to less litigious divorces and doing so through mediation helps keep the overall costs down.”

Melissa says, “As a mediator you get to know the parties well. You understand the challenges they are facing, and you can help them craft a resolution that will work best for their family.”   

The ethos of Cipriano Law Offices is to help families create a happy, healthy, stable new life after divorce, which is certainly evident in their dedication to moving families forward in these difficult times.

Melissa and her team assist with all aspects of Family Law representation throughout NJ through Mediation, Parenting Coordination, and Litigation by a team with over 70 combined years of Family Law representation.

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