LightPort Offers Personalized Exercise Programs for Patients

At LightPort Physical Therapy, we design individual therapeutic exercise programs to optimize health and a sense of wellbeing. We specialize in programs that improve flexibility, joint mobility, stability, and balance, as well as aerobic conditioning, and coordination.  

First, we do a thorough assessment to see what is needed focusing on functional limitations, disabilities, and physical impairments to best prescribe the correct exercises. After several weeks of reconditioning exercise, we look at improvements in the realigned muscle’s performance, strength, and endurance.  

It is important to note that after any new exercise, there may be some soreness, and muscle adaptations are expected and normal. If you feel sore, we encourage our patients to stretch more during warmups before exercising, and/or use cold packs to soothe sore muscles.  

In the short term, you will see neuro-muscular adaptations, which can be attributed to improved coordination in the muscles. In the long term, you may see skeletal muscle adaptations and increased muscle tone.  

To increase strength, we recommend resistance exercises. The rule of thumb is to start with one set of 10 repetitions with resistance using an elastic resistance band. You should be able to do this with good form. This can be increased to 3 sets of 10 repetitions and for endurance, you can do one set of 20 repetitions.  We recommend avoiding exercise if you feel pain or inflammation in joints or if you have severe cardiopulmonary disease. Always consult with a medical doctor to see if therapeutic exercise is appropriate for you.  

LightPort Physical Therapy  

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