LadySlipperPosy Floral Couture Blossoms in West Caldwell

This Boutique Florist Crafts Custom Arrangements Perfect for Any Occasion

If you’re looking for a boutique florist who can create dreamy arrangements on a whim, head to LadySlipperPosy Floral Couture in West Caldwell. Adriana Maniscalco opened LadySlipperPosy in July of 2021 after running a floral business out of her home for seven years, while simultaneously maintaining a sales and marketing career in corporate America.

“My passion grew back in 2014. I had this urge to work with flowers. I just adored them. Every time I received an arrangement, I would be in awe of them. How cool would it be to one day have a flower shop?” explained Maniscalco. So, she started designing flowers for family members and doing smaller scale events like baptisms, communions, and private parties.


 “Customers started asking if I could make arrangements for their home. I was even subscription based at one point,” said Maniscalco. “Finally, my gut was telling me to take that leap of faith: to start doing what you love and don’t look back. So last year I opened up my first brick-and-mortar shop.”

Her shop, LadySlipperPosy, is located in the heart of West Caldwell shopping, on the corner of Bloomfield and Passaic avenues. The shop offers everyday floral arrangements for all occasions. Customers can pop in to pick up flowers, candles and gifts, or work with Maniscalco to come up with something custom to their needs. Maniscalco hand picks all of her arrangements from single bouquets to designing flowers for weddings, grand openings, communions, graduations, and special events.

“I make my own custom designs. Typically, when I have customers contact me, they ask me to put something together– designer’s choice. Sometimes they’ll tell me what colors they prefer or specific flowers. But for the most part, it’s all custom work,” said Maniscalco.

One of the things that helps to make LadySlipperPosy stand out among other florists is the type of florals that Maniscalco uses. “They’re more premium flowers–not always your common, everyday flowers. They’re imported from all over the world,” said Maniscalco. “I like to explore and see what exotic flowers are out there.” Clients can see the types of arrangements Maniscalco puts together on Instagram, where she posts all of her latest work.

It’s evident that Maniscalco has a deep passion for her career and pride in her work. “I pour my heart and soul into every arrangement that I design. I design them the same way I would design it for my family or myself. It doesn’t matter how small or large the piece is,” said Maniscalco. “There’s a lot of love that goes into it before it goes out the door.”

LadySlipperPosy Floral Couture

555 Passaic Ave., West Caldwell | 856-823-3201



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