Inside Dish - Pork Ribs Shanghai Style at TS Ma Chinese Cuisine

TS Ma is not like the Chinese restaurant you find in almost every downtown. Thomas Ma, the owner, whose father was a chef, grew up not only working in restaurants, but having excellent food at home. The very different spin on both traditional Chinese dishes and their own creations you find here revolves around two words: healthy and delicious. At TS Ma, the dishes are created using only very fresh and high quality ingredients; for instance, you’ll never see canned water chestnuts or baby corn. Only white meat chicken tenders or flank steak are used when the recipe calls for either chicken or beef. The highest quality rice vinegar is used and you’ll never find a gloppy sauce thickened with cornstarch. Healthy canola oil is used instead of soybean oil, and in a very interesting twist, you find that in recipes that call for sugar, maple syrup is used. Thomas points out that TS Ma offers many Gluten Free options, and is very happy to accommodate special diet requirements.

Here, we’re featuring one of our favorites: the Pork Ribs Shanghai Style which are like no other Chinese ribs you’ve ever had. They’re braised in a special pot that cooks the ribs evenly, with a sauce that is marinated right into the ribs. The Shanghai style sauce is a not- too-sweet accompaniment to these tender ribs that are served on a bed of Chinese greens. TS Ma is a regular winner of the Suburban Essex Readers poll (as well as many other awards across the state). You can see for yourself why when your place an order at the Upper Montclair location which is takeout or delivery only. For a gracious dine-in experience, visit their Wyckoff restaurant, a short hop from the Essex area; be sure to make a reservation, we’re not the only ones who know how good the food is!

TS Ma Chinese Cuisine

199 Bellevue Avenue, Upper Montclair

637 Wyckoff Avenue, Wyckoff

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