Home Applause Can Update, Stage and Sell Your Home

Buyers Will Give Your Home a STANDING OVATION

Realtors David Masor and Jim Chaconas with Keller Williams NJ Metro Group have devised a unique offering to put more money into sellers’ pockets. Instead of selling a home as is, HomeApplause will handle the entire process of updating and refreshing the home to achieve the best possible selling price.

After living in the same house for a number of years, many homeowners know their homes may need a bit of a makeover prior to selling. The process of hiring and managing contractors to do these updates can be quite overwhelming. They also many not have the funds to invest in this much needed work. This is where HomeApplause comes in.

With HomeApplause, this anxiety and inconvenience is taken away. Their amazing team handles it all—the design, project management, staging, and ultimately selling! Best of all, the cost of the updates are paid for after a successful close of sale.

What are the advantages of using HomeApplause instead of selling a house as is or hiring one’s own contractor and Realtor?

Jim Chaconas: We will make the process very easy and smooth. We are going to take a lot off the homeowner’s plate, with the number one benefit being that the homeowner is going to profit more from the sale. David Masor: We manage the whole project, and we pay for all of the upfront costs. It is not an intimidating experience. We’re not knocking down walls or pulling permits... we’re doing simple stuff like pulling up old carpet, stripping old wallpaper, painting, and other projects to update the home. Ideally, in four weeks or less.

What is the process?

DM: We provide a free consultation and show comparisons to help educate the homeowner. We design the scope of work, prioritizing the important areas that are going to have the most impact—such as kitchens and bathrooms. We plan the budget and manage the contractors. JC: We are real estate agents first, we know what finishes buyers are looking for and what updates will bring the most value. DM: Once the home is ready, we market the property to get it sold quickly & for top dollar. We handle everything from beginning to end.

What makes your team qualified to handle every aspect of this process?

JC & DM: We are licensed Realtors and have personally flipped and sold many investment properties. This inspired us to seek a way to help homeowners effectively flip their own home. That is really our intention, and why we have curated a team of experienced project managers, interior designers, and stagers. All ready to help the homeowner with the little details that matter the most to the buyers.

HomeApplause’s expertise is in updating, refreshing, and selling homes with the ultimate goal of attracting buyers at the highest price possible.

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