Helping Remote Learners Through Virtual Coaching

With the shift to remote learning, parents may observe that their children have trouble with independent skills. They may lack executive functioning skills, explains Julie Potischman, NCC, LPC of Roseland Psychotherapy Associates.These skills are needed to manage everyday tasks, such as organization, problem solving, planning, time management, task initiation and emotion regulation.” Those without executive functioning skills may also have a diagnosis of ADHD or be on the Autism spectrum.

There are markers that indicate if a child lacks executive functioning skills. Says Potischman, “They feel overwhelmed by tasks that need to be completed each day. They tend to lose or forget things, miss important deadlines, display disruptive behavior, procrastinate and seem unusually forgetful or rigid in their thinking.”

Often these children are labeled lazy or difficult. They internalize the negative messages they receive and feel like academic failures. Fortunately, clients can be taught to develop these essential skills through coaching.   

Coaching–in-person, phone or virtual–helps clients to develop routines and devise strategies that allow for success in their academic and personal lives. Clients and coaches can anticipate scenarios that may arise and devise ways to deal with a variety of situations. Coaches are not therapists. The time commitment depends on the client’s needs–some talk with their coach ten minutes each day.

Roseland Psychotherapy Associates’ services span the full gamut of psychological treatment for depression, anxiety and other diagnoses, and psychiatric consultations, among others. Potischman and her staff welcome the opportunity to assist clients who require assistance developing executive functioning skills, who have a mental health concern or who are feeling overwhelmed.



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17 Nov 2020

By Cynthia Burns