Great Landscapes Start with Great Ideas

“Great landscapes start with great ideas. With these ideas comes a perfect design,” states Richard Cording, owner of CLC Landscape Design in Ringwood. Below are five factors used by licensed CLC landscape architects to create beautiful properties:


A Landscape Design Style That Resonates with the Homeowner

For the right design, identify the client’s style. For example, if the client likes a modern style, CLC finds the right items, price range, and options to create a stunning landscape. Once established, the architect prepares a specific plan.

Use of Property by Family Determine the family lifestyle.

Is the client a business mogul who hosts large parties every weekend? Or are the clients a small family with few entertainment needs or a retired couple who wants a small, intimate patio?

View From Inside the House

Consider the view from inside looking out. That view may affect not only your property but also your mood. It’s not only the appeal of your property but also the views of the surrounding community to consider. What do you see when you look out the window? What you see should evoke a relaxed response and positive emotion.

A Pool in the Backyard

The placement of the pool defines the whole backyard experience. A pool company may choose a convenient location, but CLC considers the big picture. How does the pool look from the house? How about its location and proper drainage? Ultimately, a practical and aesthetic location for the pool is ideal.

Masses and Repeat Masses of Plant Color

In creating a harmonious and powerful visual expression, plant masses of flowers. Select the same plants and colors with close placement for this visual effect. Incorporate masses of different colors and varieties of plants into the scheme.


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