Gelotti is World Ranked!

Gelotti, the homemade ice cream shop with locations in Caldwell, Montclair, and Paterson, was recently honored with world rankings for their chefs. This past week, the Gelotti team headed to Italy for Sigep, the biggest dessert expo in the world. The gelato festival announced that they have launched a world ranking, a points system where chefs can move up the rankings–and gain stars similar to Michelin stars–in order to differentiate all the champions from all the countries, and begin to narrow down who is the best in the world. Because the rankings are so new, only chefs in the top 15 were awarded a star or two, but with many stages up coming every year they will be updated.
Gelato festival is an international competition series in search of the world's best gelato and gelato chefs. It started in Italy 10 years ago, and it has stages in Italy, Germany, Spain, UK, USA (Chicago, LA, Miami, DC, Arizona), Poland, Austria, and Japan. At these stages, gelato chefs throw down their best flavors and techniques for a weekend long festival where the public can come down, buy a wristband, do a tasting and talk to all the chefs about their flavors, and then vote on the top flavor. There is also a technical jury of experienced chefs, food critics, and local media, who also score and judge the flavors on texture, structure, taste, presentation, and creativity.   Finally there is a kid's jury, and a gela-to-go contest (who can sell the most pints). 
Chef Mike of Gelotti was ranked number 32 in the world, making him the highest ranking American Chef in the world. He is also the only American-born winner of a Gelato Festival (Santa Barbara 2018) in this 10 year history, including two years where there were over 12 stages and a hundred chefs who competed in the USA. His flavor was Blueberry Basil. Next up, chef Mike will be competing in the American Finals in Miami March 16-17th, where he will be the only American-born chef there. The top two will advance to Italy for the Gelato Masters Competition in 2021, and the points could propel him into the top 10 in the world. He also competed and won the Technical Jury in Jersey City in 2018 for his flavor Persian Paradise (saffron, rose water, and salted pistachios).
Chef Rob, the founder of Gelotti’s son and owner of Gelotti Paterson, also made the list at #136. He placed in the top 10 of Americans who made the list, and is one of the youngest people included on the list at 22 years old. He took home the bronze medal in Santa Barbara in 2017. He will be competing this summer in stages to try to qualify for 2021 as well. 

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30 Jan 2019