Expert Advice from Park Street Auto

Park Street Auto in Montclair knows their stuff when it comes to maintaining vehicles. The auto repair shop can help with tune-ups, oil changes, brake service, tires, shocks & struts, exhaust systems, transmission service, heat and AC service, and more. Joe Bollo, owner of Park Street Auto, knows all about the importance of maintaining your vehicle– and how it is more cost effective.

Says Joe, "A well-maintained vehicle can last twice as long as one that is neglected. Putting off maintenance and service– or worse, neglecting ongoing problems– is penny wise and dollar foolish."

Here, Joe shares his list of the Top 10 most important things that should be done more often than any other maintenance:

1. Checking battery condition and terminals for corrosion

2. Checking the condition of brakes

3. Oil changes

4. Replacing worn belts and hoses

5. Making sure all exterior lights are working

6. Rotating tires and checking tire pressure

7. Making sure all fluids are topped off

8. Checking the condition of windshield wiper blades

9. Checking the air filter

10. Making sure your shocks and suspension system are in good working order

Along with these tips, Joe suggests keeping a record of problems or concerns and expressing these concerns to your auto mechanic sooner rather than later. Joe and his staff at Park Street Auto are there to help you with all of your automotive questions and needs.

Learn more about Park Street Auto at Schedule an appointment by calling them at 973-509-8888.

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18 Oct 2017