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Dr. Farideh Golestani

Kids & Family Dentistry/Dr. Golestani & Associates

A graduate of the New York School of Dentistry and with advanced studies in Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Golestani has always sought the best for dentistry’s youngest patients.

Dr. Golestani successfully established the continuity of services

within her practice.

In 1995, she founded a small dental practice for children. A young mother, she divided her time between caring for her baby and developing her practice. Gradually, she added additional dentists to care for children and adults. “I noticed little by little, my patients were growing up and needed to transition to dentists with other specialties,” she says. “So, I added several general practice dentists, additional pediatric dentists,  an orthodontist, an oral surgeon, and an endodontist to serve all patients, in a one-shop environment.”

Dr. Golestani treats children from crib to college in her practice. In addition to general pediatric care, Dr. Golestani is the only  known dentist in the Northern New Jersey area who performs lip and tongue tie procedures on babies as young as two days outside New York City. On newborns, this simple procedure allows mothers to breastfeed their babies immediately.

Dr. Golestani advises women to pursue their dreams through long-term planning. “I always wanted a multi-specialty practice, but I did not think I could do it. But I did it. Give yourself time, and you can reach your goal with effort,” she says.

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