Dr. Chiu - The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Briighten a Smile - Boost Confidence


“Improving a person’s smile can transform their appearance and help restore self-confidence,” says Helen Chiu, DMD. To obtain this Dr. Chiu recommends teeth whitening because it is one of the easiest and fastest ways to transform a smile.


Dr. Chiu offers in office whitening or makes custom fitted trays for patients to use at home. She is not a proponent of store-bought whitening kits. One issue is patient compliance. More importantly is the quality. In office whitening can brighten a smile up to eight shades lighter, which is six shades lighter than store bought products.


This cosmetic procedure is popular among teenagers who have had their braces removed. The minimum age for whitening is 14. The process adds pizazz to teeth that have become yellow or gray hidden by braces.


Teeth whitening is a confidence booster for patients who need front-of-the-mouth dental work such as bonding or veneers. It is common to whiten the teeth first before undertaking tooth restoration. Restorations do not whiten like natural teeth. Patients, in consultation with Dr. Chiu, will make sure that their natural teeth are a shade they like before the restoration work is performed. Smokers or heavy coffee drinkers are not ideal candidates for teeth whitening. Part of the reason is the maintenance involved post-whitening. “Touch up is required about once a month,” says Dr. Chiu. Bombarding teeth with more smoke or coffee makes maintenance difficult.


Dr. Chiu is a full-service family dentist, providing experienced, comprehensive and gentle care. “I help patients reach their optimal dental health through conservative and preventative methods,” she states.


Helen Chiu, DMD

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