Create a Family-Friendly "Staycation" And Fill Your Home With Happiness

With summer vacations looking a little different this year, infusing new energy into playtime - and making it a family affair - can turn time at home into a fun "staycation." Both kids and adults can quickly grow tired of the same scenery and activities, but new ways to engage together can help bring back excitement for making the most out of summer.

To celebrate the summer season, the family-favorite soft serve destination is helping fans create some of summer's most iconic experiences right in their own homes and backyards. From a DIY backyard water park to a playful, treat-inspired coloring book and lighthearted challenges, there are a variety of downloadable games and activities to help fill your home with happiness:

Camp-In: Bring the great outdoors into your own living room with camping themed playtime. Set up a tent, roll out the sleeping bags and get ready to tell silly stories around a make-believe bonfire. Even forest animals can join in on the fun through a shadow puppet adventure. All you need are your own hands, a flashlight and a little imagination to create easy animal- and nature-
themed characters on the wall.

Happy Chats: When the answer to "did you have fun today?" is always the same, it can be hard to keep the conversation flowing. Entice little ones to speak up by having Happy Chats:
—Inspire their imagination by asking kids to dream up a new ice cream creation or describe a pretend mission through outer space.
—Invite friendly competition by seeing who can recite the alphabet backward the fastest.
—Encourage kids to learn about the past by asking parents to share stories from their own childhoods.
—Pretend you’re spies on a secret mission. What mission would that be? What are your code names

Playbook: Sometimes all you need is a fresh take on classic fun to get excited again. Using common household items like utensils, you can easily turn down time into game time for the whole family. Merge timeless entertainment like spoon relay races and obstacle courses to create a competition zone in the backyard. From a living room game of hot potato to hallway bowling, your home can become smile central.

Coloring: There's a reason even adults have coloring books these days; it's a chance to tap into your creativity and focus your attention on the simplicity of creating a work of art. Coloring books encourage fans to show off their art skills by coloring joyful scenes and iconic treats.

A Sweet Surprise: Make memories with an occasional shift in routine by surprising the family with dessert after they're in their pajamas. Have one parent tackle bedtime and send the other to a local favorite for some drive-thru treats. Sweet moments with family are some of the best ways to celebrate the season.

A Backyard Bonanza: Recreating summer fun at home can be as simple as changing into swimsuits and turning on the sprinklers, but you can take your backyard waterpark to the next level with these tips:
—Start by blowing up an inflatable pool
—Use goggles for underwater fun and splashing safety
—Add pool noodles and floaties for a realistic feel
—Remember to apply sunscreen as recommended and wear hats for added protection
—Include snacks and treats for an additional cool-down in the summer heat


Visit to find more inspiration for summer family fun.
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16 Jul 2020