Chef V helps you Drink Your Veggies

Chef V helps you Drink Your Veggies

In 2010 Veronica Wheat, a.k.a. Chef V, was a private chef in the San Diego area. As a perk for clients, she included her trademark Green Drink—seven super greens with a hint of apple—with her meals. The Green Drink received an enthusiastic response from her clients, and a year later, the entrepreneur revamped to focus solely on the beverage. Now, Chef V’s distribution area is spread over more than two dozen states. The nutritional therapist says, “Consuming Green Drink before each meal makes it easier to get a daily dose of antioxidant-rich green leafy vegetables.”

Wheat chose the seven greens for their ability to fight inflammation, reduce cholesterol and remove toxins from the liver. “There are no preservatives. It’s a cold-blended drink, not juiced, so the natural nutrients and fiber are not wasted.” She is humbled by messages customers send relating health affirming outcomes after incorporating Green Drink into their daily intake.

Green Drinks are made to order. Chef V also offers a cleanse package and a 21-day detoxification program.

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