Butler and the Board’s Charcuteries are Homemade

The classic French art of making charcuterie— sausages, pates and terrines—is being revived at Montclair’s Butler and the Board, owned by Jeff and Cathy Butler, of West Orange. Charcuterie Boards have risen in popularity recently with pre-purchased items, but Jeff, a French-trained chef, cures his own meats. “Most businesses that offer boards buy already made meats and cheeses and just arrange it, but we make all of our own products,” says Jeff.

In addition, the shop also sells handmade sausages, soups, bone broth, and vegan/ vegetarian items. Jeff, who also has a background teaching at the French Culinary Institute, offers monthly classes to learn about charcuterie. The classes run 1 1/2 hours where participants get to taste various types of meats, crackers, homemade cheeses and pickled preserves, fruits and more.

Butler and the Board

103 Forest St, Montclair 

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