Brighten Up Your Day! Highlights & Color in 2020

Tracy Fogel loves brightening up each client’s day. As a stylist at Shag 86 for six years, she specializes in creating bold, edgy hair colors as well as more natural looks. She loves working with more natural products that help her clients easily recreate and maintain their look, while keeping their hair healthy and vibrant. Below, Fogel discusses dazzling and delightful hair brightening techniques.

What are the advantages of getting highlights in your hair?

As a blonde, I love the dimensions and volume that highlights give my hair. Highlights help create brightness around the face and enhance a client’s features. Hair color has the ability to bring out the client’s eye color and brighten their complexion and skin tone.

What are the latest trends/colors of highlights?

I see more techniques that brighten up faces, enhance facial features, and give a healthy and brighter look. A bold “money piece” gives a thicker, brighter piece around the face and front hairline as opposed to the rest of the hair where there is a blended, more shadowy effect. Peek-a-boo panels are another great way to try a bold new color without going too wild.

Painting and balayage are here to stay. It’s a great way to have a sun-kissed look all year round.

What maintenance is required to maintain beautiful highlights?

Highlights require a bit more maintenance than painting. Babylights and shadow roots are great ways to ensure long-lasting color with a subtle grow out process. Babylights are ultra-thin highlights, softer and more blended, giving a natural sun-lightened appearance. Shadow roots blend the natural hair color softly into a blonde color to create a balayaged look.

Lowlights are another method to add more dimensions and rich undertones to any hair color.

To maintain these beautiful looks, many clients refresh their color throughout the year and modify their color seasonally.

What is one little known fact about highlights that you would like readers to know?

Highlights give volume to hair and don’t necessarily have to be bright blonde. Often clients will pop in for Color FX, which is adding just a few highlights throughout the hair until it’s time for a full-color refresh.


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25 Jun 2020

By Christine S. Maxwell