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Apryl Gassman

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Even as a teenager, Apryl Gassman was organized and neat, with socks rolled tidily in a drawer. Family and friends acknowledged she had a natural knack for organizing, often asking her for help reworking their spaces. Yet, she said, she spent years in a job she was unhappy in. Then came the pandemic. “Everyone was reinventing themselves,” said Gassman. So, two years ago, she decided to do what she loved…she launched Peace Love Home, which declutters, reorganizes, and straightens up everything from closets to pantries to offices to garages—and everything in-between.

Her first ‘client’ was a friend who needed help preparing for a major home renovation and insisted on paying for Gassman’s aid. “I couldn’t believe I was getting paid for something I love to do!” she exclaimed.

If a house is cluttered, “People don’t want to be judged,” she states. The single mother of two teenagers understands it can be emotionally difficult detaching from excess ‘stuff.’ She helps her clients unclutter without judgement.

After hearing from her clients what their needs are, she gets started on a system, and loves hearing how happy they are with the reset. She offers monthly or quarterly maintenance services, but finds most clients transition easily to her systems. She also assists those who are cleaning out a loved one’s home, either in advance of a move to assisted living, or after a passing. Her relationships with nonprofits ensure usable items are donated, not thrown out.

Like many who’ve found fulfillment in their own business, her advice is simple: “Make sure you’re doing something every day that you love.”

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