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Amanda Cuoco

AC Dance

Amanda Cuoco has fulfilled two professional dreams. As a professional dancer in Texas, she performed with Ballet El Paso/UTEP Ballet, Lone Star Ballet, West Texas A&M Ballet, and several other prestigious outlets. More recently, she fulfilled her second dream when she established a dance studio, AC Dance in Bloomfield. Amanda’s experience at Steps on Broadway in New York City helped to propel her to open her own business. Since 2022, AC Dance has offered various dance and fitness classes to students ages five through adult.

Dancers learn serious techniques at AC Dance and develop a deeper sense of ballet. “Yes, I stress proper form and technique in my classes, but my dancers understand that ballet encompasses the inner values of grace, grit, and integrity as well,” says Amanda.

Because Amanda’s studio is new, she continues to learn the ropes, confront the challenges, and celebrate the joys of establishing a business. She advises, “ Find people you admire who focus on bettering themselves. And keep striving despite any challenges. You will find your success.”

71 Washington Street, 2nd Floor, Bloomfield  |  915-256-2454

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