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When patients see Dr. Brandon Cruz, PT, DPT–who has duel Board Certifications in Orthopedic and Sports Rehabilitation and is currently participating in a Fellowship program in Orthopedic Manual Therapy, putting him in the top 1% of all practitioners in the country–they receive quality care with an emphasis on patient experience.

Dr. Cruz’s goal is helping patients suffering from orthopedic- or sports-related injuries pursue their goals of reducing pain, optimizing fitness or reaching new goals. Pursue PT strives to get patients healthy as quickly as possible.

Drawing upon his experience as an injured collegiate basketball player, as well as his advanced knowledge and manual skill set, Dr. Cruz creates more efficient rehab protocols. 

“We aren’t a factory trying to get people in and out fast; rather, I take my time assessing and treating every patient as an individual,” says Cruz.

Dr. Cruz also says using PT as the frontline of care for musculoskeletal pathologies helps cost and treatment time, but that most people wait for a physician’s script before seeking PT.

“Not only can people arrange for therapy on their own, without a script, most will do just as well, or better when opting for PT over surgery or medication,” he says.

Discover your options with Pursue PT by visiting their website at https://www.pursueptnow.com/.



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12 Aug 2019

By Jackie Schatell