A Hands-On Approach to Healing: Custom Physical Therapy at LightPort

LightPort® Physical Therapy & Spa, owned by Dr. John De Hoyos and located in the heart of Caldwell for the past two years, is dedicated to helping clients recover from any physical injury or physical condition, healing both the mind and body. Dr. De Hoyos and his committed team follow the slogan “The Results You Want. The Care You Deserve.” as they focus on comfort and success during each patient’s session.

Dr. De Hoyos employs a hands-on approach that combines the best manual therapy techniques available with traditional therapeutic activities. His main objective when he opened the Caldwell location was to offer individualized, hands-on treatment. Dr. De Hoyos takes time with each client, getting to know their fitness goals and how they are seeking to benefit from physical therapy. After this evaluation, he can then create a personalized program of therapeutic exercise and kinetic movement. 

For the past 13 years, Dr. De Hoyos has worked with clients on multiple levels, and has experience in hospitals and outpatient care, orthopedic treatment, sports injuries, post-surgical procedures, and the set-up of successful pain management clinics.

Through his years of experience, he has developed his own proactive approach to wellness that highlights the fact that physical therapy is a mix of the science and the arts of healing. Dr. De Hoyos offers patients guidance on how to start their own custom exercise program, and tracks patients’ progress from the initial evaluation to each re-examination and sets functional goals for each individual according to their functional limitations.

In addition to physical therapy, LightPort® Physical Therapy & Spa offers massage therapy and medical massage services. For more information on discounts, treatments options, and services, please call the office at 973-228-0072.


LightPort Physical Therapy & Spa

355 Bloomfield Avenue

Caldwell, NJ 07006




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07 Jun 2018