A Dinosaur Hike in August

Have you been to the Walter Kiddie Dinosaur Park Field in Roseland? If not, your family with children ages 7 and above, may enjoy participating in a planned 1.5-mile hike to explore this national historic landmark that is home to three-toed Grallator dinosaur tracks from the late Triassic age. Walter Kiddie is one of the major sites in United States where a large number of dinosaur tracks are preserved. Grallator footprints are characteristically three-toed (tridactyl) and range from 10 to 20 centimeters (or 4 to 8 inches) long. Using clay, guests will make and take home an impression of an existing track and leave the site undisturbed for future paleontological study. The tour, which will meet at the end of Locust Avenue in Roseland, is on Tuesday, August 17 from 5:15- 7:15pm. Advanced registration is required by calling 973.228.8776.