A Complete Approach to Dentistry

Dental health and overall wellness begin in the mouth. So believes Med Dawoud, DMD, and his partner, Paula Gencarelli, DMD, at D&G Dental. They celebrate their 11th year of dental services to West Orange and surrounding communities in October 2022.

With a staff of 10 dental professionals, D&G Dental provides complete, comprehensive dental care for patients of all ages. From cavities to cleanings, whitening, and implants to complete mouth restoration, the dental experts at D&G Dental provide the utmost care with quality, modern treatments. The office maintains the latest in dental technology, providing immediate access to views of teeth and gum tissue by intraoral cameras, scanners, and 3d pictures of sinus and nerve tissue. Modern X-Ray equipment vastly reduces radiology exposure to patients. Through continuing education, all employees keep abreast of the most recent dental findings and procedures.

At the core of D&G Dental’s mission is not to treat just the mouth but the whole person. In recent years, Dr. Dawoud has seen a lot of patients with underlying medical conditions. A careful review of the patient’s medical records, medications, and recent incidents often affects the treatment of the mouth. For example, current studies indicate that periodontal gum disease can impact medical conditions like diabetes, heart attacks, and osteoporosis. By treating periodontal disease, these conditions, in turn, can improve.

 Dr. Dawoud states that dental implants have had the most profound effect on his patients. Many patients come to his office feeling hopeless because of bad teeth resulting from either neglect or an underlying medical condition. Dental implants are an example of where science and artistry combine to produce great results. “With the latest and least invasive procedures, we can restore a mouth full of teeth, achieving a desired cosmetic look and optimal function.

 The ability to chew well with good teeth aids in the digestion process, which begins in the mouth,” he says. “Everyone deserves a beautiful, healthy smile,” says Dr. Dawoud.

D&G Dental

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