A Boutique Dry Cleaning Business That Offers Unique Services

When Jessica Kim opened her dry-cleaning business on South Livingston Avenue in 2002, she called it simply Grace Cleaners. Fifteen years later, the name is unchanged but the services offered have expanded and adapted to changing times.

Tailoring is a specialty for Grace Cleaners. Jessica and her assistant seamstress, Maria, will do anything from a simple torn lining repair to the most complex alterations of formal wear, including bridal gowns. Unlike other dry-cleaning establishments, they offer custom tailoring such as creating drapes and cushions from scratch in addition to cleaning and repairing them.

The cleaning products used at Grace Cleaners are all organic. Jessica explains, "Using organic products keeps the colors brighter, and organic products are also hypoallergenic, which is important to many of my clients."

Grace Cleaners also offers pickup and delivery service. Jessica began that service six years ago to help out a customer who was juggling work and young children; a great number of her customers now use– and greatly appreciate– this service.

The majority of Grace Cleaners' customers are naturally from Livingston, but they also come from Morristown, Basking Ridge, and even New York City. Jessica has a simple explanation for why some travel so far: "They know that we do quality work."

Grace Cleaners
398 South Livingston Ave, Livingston

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13 Feb 2018

By Deborah Schapiro